2022.1.19- Ladder Tournament Season I ( Finished)

About the Ladder Tournament

The Ladder Tournament has four stages: registration stage, points race stage, the promotion stage, and the championship stage.

Registration Stage:

This stage will last for a period of time to give players enough time to sign up for competition. All players can register and each player can register only once. The registration entrance will be closed before the start of championship stage.

  • The entrance will open in the game when the ladder tournament starts registration. Players cost SFC to register.

  • The registered list will be locked when registration ends. Players who have not registered will not be able to participate in the subsequent stages and the distribution of final rewards.

Points Race Stage:

Points race stage will start after all registrations are verified.5 cats are needed to participate in points race stage.

  • The points race stage will last for a relatively long period of time. In this period, players can gain points and rankings through mutual challenges to finally determine 32 players to enter the next stage.

  • When the points race starts, all players will get 1,000 starting points. Players can change the points by challenging others.

  • SFC will be deducted at the beginning of battle. And battle result will be computed at the same time.

Championship stage:

Finally, there is the championship stage. The championship stage will last for three days and consists of three sub-stages in three days.

Day 1-Preparation: We will release the battle list. 32 players will be divided into 4 groups.

  • Players need to register cats which will participating in the competition. Please note that players who have registered less than 15 cats will be deemed to give up the competition.

  • When the registration is end, we will announce the lineup of the 32 players.

Day 2-Top 16 and Top 8

  • The team can be adjusted before the competition. Players select 5 cats from their registered cats for the competition.

  • After the team adjustment is over, we will announce the lineup information. Then, the betting gameplay will open. Players can place bets on the players within a specified time.

  • The battle will begin then. Players who are not participating in the battle can also view the battle video by clicking on the match.

  • After the battle, we will announce the final top 16 rankings. The top 8 players among them will enter into the final competition. We will announce the top 8 players match information at the same time.

  • When the game is over, the rewards for betting on the day will be issued, and the betting rewards will be distributed by in-game mail.

Day 3: Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Finals.

  • The competition process is the same as Day 2.

  • After all battles are over, the betting rewards will be issued. Ranking rewards will be distributed after the competition.


This is the first ladder tournament, we will give out about 1 million dollars equal valued $BNB as rewards. Rewards will be distributed according to the competition ranking.

Betting rewards: The betting reward is made by players and will be distributed to winners when results come out. DNAxCAT will not charge additional fees.

Note: All rewards will be distributed in $BNB.

How to register?

Step 1 Login the game with your wallet.

Step 2 Click [Sign up] in the top right corner.

Step 3 Spend SFC to Sign Up.

Step 4 Signed Up Successfully.

If you do not have enough SFC to sign up, you can deposit.

Then you can wait for the start of next stage.

Enjoy the battle for super rewards!

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