Summoning System

Introduction of summoning system

DNAxCAT's summoning system is similar to the reproduction of biological offspring in the real world, but regardless of gender, a new cat can be summoned by the combination of two cats. In order to avoid an excessive increase in the number of cats, the number of cats summon is set to a maximum of 7 times, and as the number of cats summoning increases, the fee for summoning will also increase.

How to summon?

pageHow to summon egg?

About inheritance and mutation

The meow warrior summoned will heredity and mutation based on the appearance, elements, attributes and skills of the "parents". The general rule is that the better the basic information of "parents", the greater the probability of producing quality offspring, which is similar to traditional genetics.

Inheritance: There is no extra situation, and some features of the two cats that are summoned are inherited;

Mutation: Extra circumstances occur, unexpected features will appear.

Such as the passive skill of Seiji may seal the enemy’s the ultimate skill when causing damage to the enemy, but Seiji only has single target attack. If Seiji summons with a cat has grouptarget attack, their offspring my luckily inherit Sieges’ passive skill that can seal the ultimate skill, and also inherit the ultimate skill of group target attack. So the cat in this respect is perfect.


Two genesis cats: a greater probability of mutation;

Two meow warriors: a smaller probability of mutation;

A meow warrior and a genesis cat : the mutation probability is medium.

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