Ecological income

In the Era of Web3, we believe in decentralized governance and Code is Law . After the game operates stably, part of the income from DNAxCAT Metaverse will go to the community treasury department, and the DXCT holders can exercise the governance right to manage and use the department when the governance structure is totally decentralized. While another part of the revenue from DNAxCAT Metaverse will directly be used in the repurchase of $DXCT and $SFC through contracts, which conduce to the continuous deflation of $DXCT and $SFC.

Eg: 1.Part of the total transaction revenue of DNAxCAT Marketplace : the transaction service fee

2.Revenue from DNAxCATs Summoning fee,etc.

Part of these revenues will directly be used in the repurchase and burn of $DXCT through contracts.

1, Revenue from DNAxCAT Marketplace Trading Service fee

Now, DNAxCAT Marketplace only supports $BNB,4.5% of every transaction will be charged as the service fee.

1% automatically swap into $DXCT and been burned;

2% goes into DNAxCAT community treasury account;

1.5% goes to YooShi agreement maintenance fee (10% belongs to YooShi developers for agreement maintenance, 40% goes into YooShi treasury, 50% swap into YooShi and been burned).

Current Operation of DNAxCAT Marketplace

1% transaction service fee to repurchase $DXCT, repurchase record (updated in real time):

2, Revenue from DNAxCAT Summoning Fee

The situation of the summoning system and service fee:

At the current stage, the revenue of the summoning system consists of $DXCT and $BNB, of which $DXCT will go to the DNAxCAT community treasury account, and $BNB will be used to repurchase $SFC to the community Treasury.

Note: Income distribution will be timely regulated according to market conditions to ensure the steady development of DNAxCAT ecosystem.

3,Revenue from DNAxCAT avatar privilege upgrade service fee

Learn about the introduction of cat profile picture and game privilege upgrade service fee:

The $DXCT spent to upgrade the Cat avatar privilege goes into the treasury account.

Relevant Contract Addresses

DNAxCAT Marketplace:


Trading Service Fee Revenue Distribution:


DXCT Community Treasury:


YooShi Community Treasury:


Burning of $DXCT:

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