Cat Sacrifice & Equipment replacement

The body components of DNAxCAT cats are divided into four parts: hand, head, neck, and tail. The equipment on these components determines the skills of the cat. For example, the equipment in the cat's hand determines the cat's normal attack and rage skills while the equipment in other parts determines the cat's passive skills. And these skills from equipment have a star level of 1-5. The higher the star level, the stronger the effect that the skill releases.

Players can obtain the corresponding equipment through DNAxCAT Cat Sacrifice and equipment trading market. The detailed rule and operating procedures are as follows:

1, Obtain equipment through Cat Sacrifice

Step1,enter the cat trading market interface, click "Sacrifice" in the navigation bar to enter the sacrifice interface.

Players can obtain equipment (skills) by offering sacrifices to cats, and the cats will disappear after completing sacrifices.

Step2,Click "Choose NFT" to select the cat to be sacrificed

Note: There are also certain restrictions on cats being sacrificed. For example, Origin Cats cannot be used for sacrifices.

Step3, Click "Approve" to complete the sacrifice after paying 20$DXCT

If the cat has multiple equipment, then one of the equipment will be randomly obtained after the sacrifice, but please note that there is a certain probability that the obtained equipment star-level will be degraded. For example, the cat in the picture above has two 3-star skills and one 2-star skill, and if one of the 3-star skills is randomly obtained, the skill has a 15% probability of being degraded to 2-star.

The more equipment cats have, the lower the probability of skill degradation, here are the details:

2, Purchase equipment in the market

Players can also purchase the cat equipment they like directly through the trading market, and the supported currency is $DXCT.

Step1, enter the cat trading market, click "Equipment" to enter the equipment trading market

Step2, After the purchase is completed, players can view the equipment they have in NFT asset interface.

3, Equipment replacement

After acquiring equipment through the above methods, players can replace their existing cats with equipment, so that cats can acquire more appropriate skills and perform better in the battle.

Step 1: enter the cat equipment replacement screen

Step 2: Click Choose NFT to select the cat

Step 3: select the equipment to be replaced

Step 4: select the corresponding replacement equipment NFT

Step 5: Click the confirm button to complete the equipment replacement

Equipment replacement rules:

  1. Cat NFTs with 3 stars and above can use this function.

  2. Equipment replacement is 100% successful.

  3. The equipment star level will remain unchanged and the equipment NFT will be burned after the replacement.

  4. This function is inapplicable to the Genesis Cat.

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