Basic Attributes

Each meow warrior has 5 basic attribute values: Vitality, Strength, Defense, Agility and Morale,being used to calculate combat attributes: HP, ATK, def, SPD, CRT, and Rev.

These attributes represent:

  • Vitality: Mainly affect the upper limit of meow warrior’s life. When the life value is zero, the meow warrior dies.

  • Strength: Mainly affect the damage caused when the meow warrior attacks.

  • Defense: Mainly reduce the damage that the meow warrior receives

  • Agility: Mainly affect the sequence of actions of the meow warrior, as well as the probability of dodge and hit probability in battle.

  • Morale: Mainly affect the meow warrior’s crit and the probability of being crit.

The basic attribute determines the cat's positioning, that is, the common professional positioning of tanks and output in traditional games, such as cats with relatively high basic attribute values of physical strength and intensity can be used as tanks; Cats with more basic attributes of strength and agility are more suitable for output.

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