Play to Earn

In addition to won the award by participating in DXCT liquidity mining and NFT mining, players can also earn by participating in DNAxCAT games. Current ways for players to Play to Earn include PVE adventures, daily task, and PVP.


In the process of PVE adventure, players will receive a certain amount of fish cookie for each successful level, for example, players can get 1 fish cookie for the first level. With the unlocking of the following levels, the higher the level, the more fish cookie players will get. After passing the 40th and final level, players can get 8 fish cookie.

According to the game setting, the maximum number of fish cookie that players can get through PVE adventures is 10 per day. Although players can’t get more than 10 fish cookie from PVE adventures per day, it is recommended that players try to challenge the higher difficulty levels with enough energy, as they will also receive experience points to improve their cat's level. The combat value of the cat will be upgraded with level up, which makes players easier pass the following levels and get fish cookie efficiently.

Daily task

The daily task includes the number of times of signing in and winning the battle, and the player can get a fixed reward of fish cake after completing the daily task.


PVP arenas are battles against other players, and more wins will lead to better rankings and higher ranking rewards.

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