2022.2.17-DNAxCAT New Gameplay & Joint Equipment Coming

DNAxCAT New Gameplay

DNAxCAT fans, equipment smelting and wishing pool functions will go live on the website at 8:00 UTC on February 17th.

Let’s have a review of the two gameplays.

Equipment Smelting

1. Wish coins, which can exchange items in wishing pool, can be obtained by smelting equipment.

2. The higher the star rating of smelted equipment, the more wishing coins players will get.

3. The smelted equipment NFT will be burned.

5. DXCT is needed for smelting equipment.

Smelting equipment will make up the situation that a large amount of equipment generated by cat sacrifice function has been circulated in the market but has no value.

Wishing Pool

1. Everyone has a different wishing pool with equipment emerge randomly.

2. Players need to consume DXCT to open wishing pool for the first time.

3. If there is no needed item in the wishing pool, players can consume DXCT to refresh items manually.

4. There is a probability that 5-star equipment will appear in wishing pool.

5. Wishing coins can be gained from equipment smelting.

The wishing pool could meet players’ needs to get equipment from another place other than the market. In addition, some new equipment will firstly appear in the wishing pool.

DNAxCAT & YooShi Joint Equipment

DNAxCAT is glad to cooperate with YooShi to launch the a new batch of joint equipment based on the image of YooShi Family. They are:

YooShi Miner, BittyCoin (Tail)

YooShi Angel, Angel Halo (Head)

YooShi Satoshi, Fedora (Head)

YooShi Satoshi, Opera Glasses (Head)

YooShi WSB, Tie (Neck)

Though they are joint equipment from YooShi, players don’t need to hold YooShi Family NFT to gain these equipments. The new equipment by this upgrade will be available directly in the battle simulation mode. Please stay tuned for the way to get these joint equipment and official launch time.

Game Routine Maintenance

The game will be closed temporarily for routine maintenance on February 17th.

Estimate Maintenance Time: 8:00~8:40AM UTC

The following issues will be fixed:

1. Fix the issue that cats with candy cane do not have damage effect enhancement.

2. Fix the issue where Christmas hats appear during the general attack of cats with candy cane.

3. Fix the issue where equipment was displayed incorrectly when the cat died.

4. Fix the errors appear in updating some files of the Version.

Equipment Replacement Optimization

In addition, we will optimize the equipment replacement and lower the replacement threshold from 3-star cats to 1-start cats.

Thanks for your love and support to DNAxCAT game!

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