2022.4.8-DNAxCAT Fishpond Campaign

Dear DNAxCAT players, the new gameplay fishpond is going to be available, it is the two-week early access, and the fishing activity will be started simultaneously. Players will be ranked and distributed DXCT (on-chain) as rewards according to the number of their fishes, and the rewards come from DNAxCAT community treasury.

Fishpond Campaign Opening and Closing Time:

The activity will start at 8:00AM on April 9(UTC), and the fishing game will begin at the same time.

The activity will end at 00:00 on April 23(UTC).

Fishing Rankings Announcement

Every day, we will announce the fish pond ranking of the previous day through DNAxCAT twitter, including player information, ranking, and the amount of fishes.


Ranking rewards will be distributed within a week after the event ends.

Ranking Rewards

Details of Fishpond

How to participate in fishpond campaign?

1. On the interface of fishpond, you will find the current status of all fishpond under the current level through the search function for fishponds.

2. Attack the fishpond occupied by monsters or players in the list, and you can go fishing after victory.

Occupation Method

1. The fishpond will be occupied by monsters at the beginning, but players can occupy it after defeating the monster.

2. If the fishpond has been occupied by a player, it can be occupied only after defeating the current player.

Fishpond Level

1. There are 4 levels of fishpond, and fishpond of different grades can only be occupied by cats with a designated star level in the team. Players need to have at least 3 cats, the star-level of which should be 1/3/5/5 accordingly to get in 1/2/3/4 levels’ fishpond.

2. Each level has a certain number of fishponds for players to occupy.

3. The higher the level of fishpond, the better the resources it produces.

Fishpond Income

1. After occupation, you can fish for up to 24 hours before being defeated.

2. The fishpond is refreshed at 0:00 UTC every day, and the fishing income of all occupied fishponds will be settled.

3. If the output of the fishpond is less than 3 hours, the final income will be halved. (Insufficient time will be judged based on the time from when you occupy it to when you voluntarily withdraw or are successfully occupied by other players.)

4. Players who successfully occupy other people’s fishpond can directly obtain 5% resources accumulated by the former player, 90% resources belong to the former player and the rest of 5% resources will be burned.

Cat Attributes

1. The cat level in adventure mode will also be effective in fishpond. (Cat level that be transferred to a new account will be reset to level 1)

2. The HP of cat will be kept in the fishpond battle, and every battle will happen based on the current remaining HP.

3. When you successfully occupied other players’ fishpond, all the cats in the battle will return to full HP.

4. Cats whose HP is reduced to 0 due to fighting in the fishpond need to rest 8 hours before they can fight again. After the rest, their HP will be completely restored, and they cannot fight during the rest period.

Other Rules

1. After successful occupation, you will automatically get an automatic protection for 1 hour. During this time, you are under security protection and others cannot attack.

2. Staking 500 DXCT, you can get double income during staking.

3. Staking 500 DXCT, you can get an additional 2 hours of protective cover after successful occupying during staking.

4. After successfully occupy the fishpond, the fighting cats will become a defensive lineup, and the lineup can be changed at any time.

5. There is 6 times of daily occupation battle limitation. If exhausted, it will be restored at 00:00 UTC the next day.

Anti-cheating Judgment and Measures

1. Like the measures of ladder competition, the operation that transfer 2 or more identical cats from different accounts to 2 or more accounts through various methods and reach the winning ranking in the game will be regarded as cheating, and the obtained fish will be cleared and the player will be disqualified from winning.

2. At the same time, the involved cats will be prohibited from trading in the market for 30 days.

Feedback & Suggestions and Question Collection Activities

After the fishpond and activities start, we will have a feedback and problem collection activities. And we will distribute DXCT as rewards for the adopted suggestions and problems during the activity. Welcome your active involvement, the future of DNAxCAT will be more wonderful with you.

Please submit your feedback and problem here: https://forms.gle/fNE4kYKYV7jsQ3bA8

Note: Fishpond is in the testing phase, some functions and data may be optimized and adjusted in the future.

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