2022.1.6-Upgrade of Economic Model and Ladder Tournament

After DNAxCAT goes online, we have experienced a lot of things together and many problems have come up. We have seen many horrible market conditions together and received much feedback and recommendations from users in the community.

No matter what happens, we appreciate your support to DNAXCAT and help from YooShi team to our technology and marketing resources.

After deep communication with YooShi team and StarMon team, we have decided to participate in upgrade of the economic model in the YooShi GameFi 2.0;

Economic Model Adjustments

This part of the development in the economic model will be handled by YooShi team. The model design will be in the same way as StarMon’s. Value-adding to gaming governance token DXCT: You can get veDXCT by staking DXCT.

1. What is veDXCT?

a. veDXCT will be the only token for important decisions of DNAxCAT DAO, which can only be obtained by staking $DXCT. veDXCT can’t be traded.

b. The longer you stake $DXCT, the more veDXCT you can get.

c. After the staking expires, the amount of veDXCT will become 0, and players can redeem staked $DXCT.

2. The role of veDXCT.

a. Governance rights on DAO platform: DAO’s voting rights for important decisions;

b. In-game income dividends: Users can obtain in-game income dividends based on holdings of veDXCT.

c. The necessary condition for participating in the purchase of rare resources.

3. How to get veDXCT?

The entrance of staking $DXCT will show on the Dashboard. Enter the amount of stake and choose the time you want to stake, the total amount of veDXCT you get will be affected by the staking time.

The Source of In-game Dividends: Holders of staking $DXCT (veDXCT) will share most of the platform’s income, which comes from the following these three aspects:

1st: Adjustment of trading fee and service fee on market.

Currently: the trading market only supports $BNB, and 4.5% of each transaction will be used as a service fee.

After adjustment: a. 3% enter into veDXCT Staking Bonus Pool; b. 1.5% use as YooShi protocol maintenance fee (10% of which go to YooShi developers for protocol maintenance; 40% enters into YooShi community treasury; 50% is swapped into YOOSHI and burned)

2nd: Income from equipment market:

Currently: Trading market only supports $DXCT to buy and 4.5% of each transaction will be used as service fee.

After adjustment: a. 3% enter into veDXCT Staking Bonus Pool; b. 1.5% enter into community treasury;

3rd: Income from Cats Breeding Services

At the current stage, the income of the breeding system consists of $DXCT and $BNB. A certain proportion of $DXCT(50% in the initial stage) will go to veDXCT Staking Bonus pool, and the rest will enter the community treasury. $BNB will be automatically swapped into in-game tokens according to a certain percentage (100% in the initial stage) and burned. The remaining $BNB will go to veDXCT Staking Bonus pool.

In the initial stage, the community treasury will moderately subsidize the veDXCT Staking Bonus pool.

How do veDXCT holders get in-game dividends?

veDXCT holders will be able to obtain real-time extractable income from the platform every week. The dividends are determined by the amount of veDXCT held by the user and the platform’s income in the week. If user A owns 10,000 DXCT tokens and locks them in DAO for 4 years, then user A will get 10,000 veDXCT.

e.g: The total amount of veDXCT held by the user is 100,000, and there are 1,000 BNB and 10,000 DXCT revenue in veDXCT Staking Bonus Pool in the past week, according to the rules, user A will get 100 BNB and 1,000 DXCT.

The swap connection between DXCT and veDXCT will be shown by a figure;

The data would be adjusted in the future.

We have received the advices of establishing a brand-new P2E system around the core cultivation system. Since the DNAxCAT game has been online for a long time, we have to consider more deeply the adjustments of some functions and gameplays. The adjustment plan will be out in the following days.

Some consumption in DNAxCAT will reward the inviters to encourage players to invite other players to join DNAxCAT: a. 10% of DXCT + BNB used for summoning and hatching will be rewarded to the player’s inviter; b. 10% of the trading fee (BNB part) in DNAxCAT trading market will be used to motivate the player’s inviter; c. In addition, DNAxCAT will reward the top 500 promoters according to the monthly income ranking with a certain amount of DXCT tokens.

So you ready for the Ladder Tournament?

The Ladder Tournament is currently under development, here, i’d like to share more detailed settings. We will set the Ladder Tournament into four stages, the registration stage, the rank competition stage, the promotion stage, and the championship stage.

The first is the registration stage: a. we will set aside time for all players to register. Every player can register, and they can only register once. b. When the registration starts, we will open the registration entrance of the ladder Tournament on the platform, and you can participate in the registration. c. When the registration ends, the registered list will be locked, and those who have not registered will not be able to participate in the subsequent stages and the distribution of the final reward.

Next is the score rank competition stage: after the registration stage is over, the score rank competition stage will start after a short interval. a. The score rank competition stage will last for a longer period of time. During this period, scores and rankings will be obtained through mutual challenges to finally determine 32 players to enter the next stage. b. When the score rank competition starts, all players will get 1,000 starting points. They can change the scores by challenging others.

Finally is the championship stage: the championship stage lasts for three days and consists of three sub-stages in three days.

Day 1: Preparation stage: We will release the battle list, 32 players will be divided into 4 groups. Players register for participating cats at this stage. Please note that players who have registered less than 5 cats will be deemed to have abandoned the competition. After the registration is over, the game will announce the lineup of the 32 players.

Day 2: Top 16 and Top 8: a. The team can be adjusted before the competition. Players select 5 cats from their registered cats for the competition. b. After the team adjustment is over, we will announce the lineup information, and after the lineup information is announced, the betting gameplay will begin, and players can place bets on the players within a specified time. c. The battle will then begin, and players who are not participating can also view the battle video by clicking on the match. d. After the battle, we will announce the final 16 top rankings, as well as the top 8 entering the final competition, and announce the top 8 match information at the same time. e. After the game is over, the rewards for betting on the day will be issued, and the betting rewards will be distributed by mail.

Day 3: Top8 into semi-finals and the finals. The competition process is the same as the arrangement on the second day. After all is over, the betting rewards are issued, and after the final end, the ranking rewards will be issued.

Note: The betting reward will be issued to the player after the winner is determined, and the official will not charge additional fees.

Let’s see what a big rewards of the Ladder Tournament !

We will give out about 1 million equivalent $BNB rewards as we mentioned before, which will be distributed according to the ranking of the competition.

Rank Reward ( BNB )





















The final rewards in based on the BNB price on the settlement day

The last part is marketing expansion plan in the future.

Japan is the first stop in DNAxCAT’s global expansion. We can’t avert from OVO, Japan’s highly-prized NFT platform when talking about Japanese Market. YooShi and OVO have deeply cooperated to jointly explore the Japanese market. OVO is well known in Japan as a platform for IP incubation and NFT products in the Metaverse and GameFi industries. Meanwhile, DNAxCAT will also cooperate with OVO in the NFT sector for auction!

DNAxCAT is gradually and steadily approaching the Japanese market and has been deeply reported by famous Japanese media “Asahi Broadcasting” and Cointelegraph.


As we know DNAxCAT itself is a well-known IP in Japan, we can search DNAxCAT anime on YouTube, and many Japanese gamers show fanatical enthusiasm for DNAxCAT. We are also exploring a marketing plan for offline promotion, which will be rolled out locally soon.

Cooperation about the guild is also progressing steadily: We have selected 20 guilds to reach the intention of cooperation from more than 100 guilds.

a. We have cooperated with Duk Guild, a top guild from Vietnam, Kapptv from the Philippines, and LKG, which has been deeply involved in the Southeast Asia P2E market for many years in the scholarship program, and have issued 500 scholar accounts in total.

b. In the past week, LKG Guild has conducted 16 live broadcasts of DNAxCAT on Facebook, with a cumulative view of more than 300,000 and more than 3 million blockchain game users;

c. Kapptv has received more than 1,000 applicants in one-week pre-recruitment activity.

d. DUK Guild leveraged its strong influence in the Vietnamese market and joined hands with the most influential local KOL to tailor a live broadcast plan for DNAxCAT, and promoted DNAxCAT through all channels with well-known local media, YouTuber and Million TikToker;

e. We reached cooperation intention with Unix Guild, which has 150,000 members and more than 1,000 Axie scholars, covering more than 300,000 users, and we will also start the first round of scholarship programs.

Looking back at the past year, although the market is now in a trough, we still have not lost confidence. Developing as planned. Launching star upgrades system, decomposition, and equipped market functions.

We have also launched the skill upgrade function. Several changes have been made to the arena, daily missions, games, etc., and all of that is carried out to improve the game ecology.

Looking to the future, in addition to launching the ladder game as planned, there will also be the world boss system, exploring gameplay and land gameplay. Our team hope to make great progress with you in this year.

Thanks to all.

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