Star Level

Cat star introduction

The initial star varies from one type of cat to another in DNAxCAT. The initial star of Genesis Cat is 2, while the initial star of Delay, Seiji and Kyuzo is 3, and the initial star of all other Brave Cats is 0.

Players can upgrade their cats star level by consuming SFC and other cats, and each successful star upgrading will increase the cat's basic attribute by 5%, the SFC consumed during which will enter the Community Treasury.

Information about cat upgrading

Note: 1. The cat consumed in star upgrading is not recoverable and irreversible; 2. Star upgrading will only change the basic attributes and the display of the relevant star level, while the appearance, elements, skills and other information will not be changed; 3. The basic attributes increased by star upgrading will take effect in PVE and PVP battles; 4. The star level will not be inherited by the offspring cats; 5. The cat star attributes bind up with the NFT, transfer or transaction will not change the cat star level.

Guide to cat upgrade

Step 1: Enter the cat trading market and click "Upgrade Cat"

Step 2: In the cat upgrading page, click "Choose NFT" to open you cat list.

Step 3: Choose a cat to upgrade

Choose one of the cats to upgrade.

Note: This list will show all cats that can be upgraded, but cats that have been upgraded to the highest level of 7 stars will not be displayed.

Step 4: Upgrade the cat

In this case, click the Choose NFT button below the material cat to open the cat list and select a cat with the same star level. Then, the list will only show eligible cats.

Step 5: Confirm that SFC and materials are sufficient. Click "Upgrade Cat" to start upgrading.

For star upgrading will burn the material cats, players need to confirm the contract during the first operation.

Step 6: Complete the star upgrading and get a new star cat.

After the successful upgrading, players may not see the changed cat star level due to congestion on the chain. There’s no need to worry about this, just wait a moment and it will be displayed correctly.

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