How to hatch and get meow warrior?

Egg hatching process

After the player obtains the egg through the summoning system, it needs to go through a 5-day incubation period. After incubation, players need to manually hatch the eggs. That will consume a small amount of BNB.

Introduction of egg color

Before being hatched into the meow warrior, the egg is full of mystery for the player. Players can check who the egg’s summoner is, which two cats reproduced, and judge its element by color.

As for what kind of cat will hatch, it is full of mystery for players who buy eggs in the market. It is possible that a very powerful meow warrior will be produced after hatching, but it may also be onlucky to hatch a meow warrior of lower value.

The color of a cat or an egg is different from that of Common and Rare. Rare generally means that the sum of the basic attribute values of a cat or a cat after the egg hatches is around 120, while Common is relatively low at around 100.

Regarding the inheritance and mutation of the meow warrior, you can find the detailed introduction in the summoning system.

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