Battle Mechanism

The battle mechanism in the DNAxCAT game is a turn-based game. Players need to use up to 5 cats to destroy all enemies. Players need to make strategic deployments by considering the cat’s formation and position to maximize the probability of winning.

About the attack sequence

Normally, both sides will attack the cat in the front row first during the battle. After the cat in the front row reaches 0 HP, it will be deemed dead. The next round will continue to attack the cat in the back row. Therefore, in terms of stance, cats with high defense or HP are generally placed in the front row, and cats with strong aggressiveness are placed in the back row to ensure that the damage output can be maximized.

About the attack and anger mechanism

In each round, the opponents will attack or release their skills in order according to the order of the cards. Each time the cat is hurt, it will accumulate a certain amount of anger (under HP), and when the anger is full, the next attack will release the anger skill.

About the number of rounds and victory conditions

After each character of both sides completes one attack, it is a round. Players may need to go through multiple rounds of battle to defeat their opponents. In the test phase, the condition for winning is that the player needs to eliminate all the enemy characters within 20 rounds, otherwise it is judged as a failure.

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