1.Open url:https://yooshi.io/farms

2.Connect Wallet

3. Click “Stake”

4.Enter the amount of stake, the amount of USDT to be staked will automatically appear below, and click "Approve SFC"

5.Click "Approve USDT"

6. Click “Stake”

7, Click "Unstake" to cancel the Farms

Noted: Please choose to “Remove liquidity at the same time”.

  • If you choose to “remove liquidity at the same time”, your staked tokens will back to your wallet automatically.

  • If you do not “remove liquidity” when unstaking, your SFC and USDT will show in your wallet in the form of LP. In this way, if you want to get back your tokens, the easiest way is to stake again and unstake with clicking "Remove Liquidity at the same time".

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