2021.1.24-Celebrate Christmas With Miu

🎄Merry Christmas, DNAxCAT fans!

Miu has put on her Christmas costumes to celebrate the holiday with cats in the village. Do you want to meet Miu Xmas?

We prepare a Christmas activity for you in the market and game to get a Miu Xmas (Genesis). At the same time, there will be an update of the game.

Summon Miu Xmas to Celebrate Christmas

Activity Duration: 6:00 UTC, December 25–00:00 UTC, December 30

How to get Miu Xmas?

· There is chance to get a Miu Xmas directly at each summon during the activity.

· If you are lucky to summon a Miu Xmas, you don’t need to wait for the 5-day hatching time and could see your Miu Xmas immediately.

· Amount: A total of 100 Miu Xmas will be summoned during the activity. 20 Miu Xmas per day.

Notes: Miu Xmas is 2-star level at initial.

Introduction About Miu Xmas

Type: Genesis

Miu Xmas has three body parts:

Skill (5-star skill): To freeze target and turn it into a snowman which makes it unable to move until the end of next round. Also, it brings a 5% frozen effect to the basic attack. (Snowman: The target who become a snowman will reduce 60% of healing effect and get 22% more of the damage than usual. )

Skill(5-star skill): Get 24% more chance of critical(CRT) attack.

Skill (5-star skill): Having a 11% chance to remove 1 buff randomly from each of the enemies during the special move.

Positioning: Restrain the cat with tank attributes, make it unable to move, reduce the healing effect, increase the damage the enemy cat will receive, and have a chance to disperse the shield.


Optimization of Daily Tasks

Our goal is to allow different teams to have a differentiated gradient in Play2Earn. Daily tasks will be split into 5 independent tasks, and players can claim rewards immediately by completing each task.

· Task 1: Win 10 times in PVE (10 $SFC)

· Task 2: Win 5 times in PVP (10 $SFC)

· Task 3: Cost energy and win once in PVP (10 $SFC)

· Task 4: Cost energy and win twice in PVP (10 $SFC)

· Task 5: Cost energy and win 3 times in PVP (10 $SFC)

Completing task 1 and task 2 does not require energy.

But the completion of tasks 3, 4 and 5 require energies to obtain scores.

Official suggestion: To maximum daily earning in the game, players can complete the task 3, 4 and 5 which require energy firstly, then come to complete other tasks which do not need energy.

Note: One of the conditions to win daily score ranking rewards in the arena is changed from completing 2 tasks to completing any 2 of the 5 tasks in the new version.

Estimated Upgrade Time: 8:00 UTC ~ 8:40 UTC, December 24, 2021

The game will close temporarily for the upgrade.

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