Common question

We will keep the frequently asked questions updated for a long time.

1: How to start the game play to earn?

Go to the official and buy at least five cats in the trading market to start play 2 earn

2: After the APP is downloaded and opened, where is the QR code for scanning?

Go to the official website:, then click my nft and click show QR

3: How to choose cats and build up your own team?

This is an advanced gameplay. Everyone has their own understanding of the game. Suggestion: cats have five attributes: light, water, thunder, dark and fire. You can choose any of the five attributes to combine together. Light and water is tank for the front row, and the dark, thunder and fire is the DPS of the back row. More gameplay needs to consider the skill combination and study it slowly.

4: How to check the summon times of your cats?

Click on your cat’s NFT to enter, 0/7 means that it has not been summoned yet, and 7/7 means it has been summoned all and won’t be able to summon anymore.

5: The difference between an egg and a cat?

The eggs are hatched by two cats by spending DXCT and SFC . There is a countdown for each egg point, and when the countdown is over, then cat can be summoned.

6: My cat has summoned and can it still p2e?

Summoning does not consume time, nor does it affect p2e. It takes time for incubating eggs to cats. Only egg incubated to cats then the cats can p2e.

7: What phone can be used to play?

Currently only Android is supported. IOS needs to wait. It is recommended to buy a cheaper Android phone to play. Otherwise, PC users can download any Android simulator to simulate Android phones to play games.

8: How to transfer my cat to another address?

First of all, each cat NFT is an asset on the blockchain and has its own smart contract; currently, you can transfer the NFT through the YOOSHI app, or use a third-party wallet that supports NFT transfer such as TRUST WALLET and TP to add the cat’s NFT smart contract to transfer. The smart contract can be found on the chain by yourself. If you want to do it easily, then use YOOSHI’s app to transfer.

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