Introduction of genesis cats

Genesis cats is the earliest cat at the beginning of the game, and the earliest meow warriors are also from genesis cat’s summons. genesis cats are the most special kind of cats. First of all, their settings and images are derived from the cats in the animation works of DNAxCAT. They have a certain popularity in many regions. Secondly, genesis cat is currently in limited release, the same genesis cat as the current one will not be released in the future, and each of them carries unique components (skills). In the future, we will continue to release the genesis cats that are different from the current ones, and they will still carry more new fun and unique components (skills).

There are currently 18 genesis cats in DNAxCAT exchanged through genesis crystal NFT. According to the quality of genesis crystal NFT, the specific cat information can be viewed:

pageGenesis Cat-Cat goddess EmeraldpageCat goddess Light SapphirepageGenesis Cat-Cat goddess dark sapphirepageCat Goddess Purple GempageGenesis Cat-Cat Goddess TopazpageCat Goddess Ruby

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