There are 5 element attributes for meow warriors, including water, fire, thunder, light, dark.

There is restraint and restrained relationship between elements. The restraint party will cause additional damage to the restrained party. The restraint relationships between elements are that water element has an advantage over fire, fire has an advantage over thunder, thunder has an advantage over water, and light and darkness have an advantage over each other.

The basic element is closely related to the basic attribute, and the element type will also affect the cat's coat color:

For the two coat colors corresponding to an element, one of them has a higher probability of occurrence and the other has a lower probability of occurrence. For example, fire element cats have a higher probability of reddish brown fur color and a lower probability of orange coat color. By observing the cat's body hair color, we can judge its element, for example, reddish brown can judge it as fire element.

In addition to the main hair color, auxiliary hair colors such as ears, claws, abdomen and tail of meow warriors are also designed on the basis of the main hair color.

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