How to buy cats in the market?

DNAxCAT’s Genesis Cat is an NFT asset and a necessary role to participate in the game. The way to obtain Genesis Cat is gem NFT exchange and purchase in the market. DNAxCAT is now online on the Market. The following is the procedure for buying Cat in the market.

Step 1: Open DNAxCAT official website (, and click "Cat Market"

Step 2: Enter the market, click "My Wallet" in the upper right corner to connect to the wallet.

Step 3: Quickly find the Genesis cat you want to buy through the filtering and sorting functions provided by the interface.

The filter includes cat element, Type, Color, Summon times, Skill count and Star level.

Step 4: Click the cats listed on the market, you can enter the details page, make sure the wallet amount is sufficient, click "Buy Now".

Step 5: Confirm again, the transaction is successful !

Step 6: Click "My Wallet" to enter the user asset details page, and then click "NFT" to view the purchased Genesis cat.

The above is the entire process of buying Cat on the market.

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