The cute and playful family of cat lived on the Aydin. One day a powerful force of darkness appeared, which changed the peaceful life. At this time, the three cats used legendary artifacts to defeat the monster. In order to maintain peace, the hero of Meow, holding a sickle, established the kingdom of meow, and That's the king of Kyuzo. In the world of meow, it is the place completely devoid of human beings and you will see some of the fun in the daily life of the meows. In the story, there will be villains of wild dog races, who will fight and make trouble with the meows. Many wonderful stories are in the animation.

There are three major forces in the world of meow warriors: meow kingdom, Sakura Village and meow devildom.

Meow kingdom: The castle streets made of stones, surrounded by natural trees, are one of the favorite places for meows to live.

Sakura village: Cherry blossoms bloom all year round, full of fragrance of flowers and a large grassland. It is a place with many terrains and rich flora and fauna.

Meow devildom: Fireflies illuminate the night, full of fantasy magic. There is a fortress in the center of the demon world, inhabited by wild meow warriors and various strange creatures around.

All meow warriors will belong to one of these three forces. The three forces live in peace and resist the invasion of the force of darkness together.

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