2021.12.31-DNAxCAT Invitation Competition-50,000 DXCT To Be Won

Dear DNAxCAT fans,

An invitation competition will be launched to DNAxCAT players. During the event, players can invite friends join the game as new players and gain invitation points. According to the ranking of invitation points, Top 10 players will share 50,000 $DXCT!

Activity Duration: 12PM UTC, 31 December 2021 ~12PM UTC, 14 January 2022

How to gain invitation points?

Only when the invitee becomes a valid player can you get invitation points:

Requirement 1: There should be no cat in the new player’s wallet before he/she accepting the invitation.

Requirement 2: Purchase at least 3 cats from the market after accepting the invitation.

Requirement 3: Login the game after purchasing the cats.

All of the above three requirements should be completed.


  • During the event, if cat amount in invitee’s wallet is reduced to less than 3 cats, then the inviter’s invitation points will be deducted.

  • Players who have 5 cats can launch an invitation, and the inviter’s wallet should keep no less than 5 cats during the event to be qualified.

In addition, we will set up a reward called ‘first-come first serve rewards’. You can receive DXCT rewards if your invitation points reaches a specified amount. This reward is limited and first come first served.


Open https://market.dnaxcat.io/dashboard, join invitation competition by clicking [Join Now].

You can check your ranking and rewards timely.

DNAxCAT Official Links:

Website: https://dnaxcat.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DNAxCAT_GAME

Medium: https://medium.com/@DNAxCAT_GAME

Telegram: https://t.me/DNAxCAT_official

Channel: https://t.me/DNAxCAT_NEWS

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