The cat management system is also very important part in the game. Here you can view the cat’s properties, skills and other information. The cat’s information display is a separate piece, with the purpose of allowing them to display together.

Click "Allies" at the bottom of the homepage to enter the cat management interface.

Above the interface

The five basic properties of the cat are shown above, vitality, strength, defense, agility, and morale.

By clicking on the 5 basic properties, the converted 6 values will be displayed. These values are used for calculations in battle, namely our most common health (HP), attack power (Atk), defense (Def), and speed ( Spd), critical strike (Crt), recovery ability (Rev).

Middle of the interface

In the middle of the interface, the dynamic image of the cat is displayed, and the body components, character and coat color of the cat are displayed on the left and right sides around the cat.

The left side shows the headdress, ornament, and tail from top to bottom. On the right side, character, coat color, and hand components are displayed from top to bottom. And they are all clickable. After clicking, the details of the part will be displayed. For example, if you click on a hand component with a skill, it will tell the player the icon, name, level, and information of the skill, while clicking on the character part will tell the influence.

Lower middle of the interface

The lower area of the interface displays all the cats currently owned. In the case of a large number, it can be displayed by filtering the property of different elements, which is more convenient for the management of the cats.

Players can swipe left and right to view every cat. The cats that are already in the team will be displayed on the left side first, which is convenient for players to directly manage the cats in the battle.

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