Genesis cat match

The prerequisite for players to participate in the DNAxCAT game is to have their own cat team, but for new players how to choose the right cat may become a problem. The following lineup is mainly based on three cats, because three cats can participate expedition and if you want to match five cats, and then need to make up for their shortcomings on the basis of three cats.

Basic match (Holi+ Flash + Tsuki)

Holi is a key role, has the ability to restore HP, and has good defensiveness. Holi can improve HP in time for teammates. With Tsuki’s improved attack skills and Flash stun skills, it can maintain good survival and attack capabilities, weakness of the lineup: speed is not high, and the opponent may attack first.

Intermediate match(Baiko + Flamie + kagura)

Baiko is a key role. Baiko can provide shields to his teammates to ensure the output of his teammates. At the same time, Kagura suppresses the opponent with the highest attack power. The opponent with the highest attack power generally has low blood volume. With the AOE of Flamie, it can quickly defeat the opponent. After the strongest cat is solved, the subsequent battle will be easier. This lineup is relatively balanced. There is damage and survival. Weakness of the lineup: when encountering a restrained team, damage and survivability may be reduced.

High-end catch( Seiji + Delay + Jiao)

This lineup focuses on damage and harvesting. Delay can cause damage to the back row. The back row is generally low in health. Seiji can cause huge damage to a single opponent. With Jiao, the team can be solved as soon as possible. The weakness of the lineup is the lack of cats that can restore their blood.

All lineups are just suggestions and they are matched with skills. The suggestions given do not mean the strongest, because in actual combat, element restraint and the random combination of various skills of the cat will be different. Under the circumstances, more strategies still need players to explore.

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