How accelerate farm mining with Genesis NFT

1. How to stake LP

Step 1: enter YooShi's official website, and click "Connect Wallet".

Step 2: find and click "Farms" to LP

APR stands for annual percentage rate, which need to be noticed that is not fixed but changes with the funds of award pools and the amount of funds staked.

Step 3: select the DXCT/BUSD 2.0 liquidity pool and click "Stake"

Step 4: fill in the number of tokens to form LP

Participating in LP is to skake the LP composed of DXCT和BUSD of the same value as a voucher. For example, 100 BUSD can be staked with DXCT of 100 BUSD.

Step 5: click "Stake" to complete the stake.

2. How to achieve benefits?

Enter the "Farm" interface and click "Harvest" to obtain revenue

3. How accelerate mining with blockchain game Genesis NFT

DXCT/BUSD 2.0 support accelerating mining with Genesis NFT provided that LP has been staked.

Step 1: enter the Farm interface and click "Boost".

Step 2: select and stake the Genesis NFT of DNAxCAT to accelerate mining.

Step 3: complete acceleration

Each LP can stake up to 5 Genesis NFTs; Available Farms Rewards = rewards amounts of per unit block * [number of staked LP * (1 + sum of staked NFT mining power / 1000)] / current total staked mining power

Step 4: click "Boost" again, and you can click Unstake to cancel the Genesis NFT stake in the Cancel NFT stake interface.

4. How to cancel LP stake?

Step 1: enter the "Farm" and click "Unstake"

Step 2: enter the number of LP need to be unstaked.

When canceling the stake, it is recommended to select "Remove liquidity at the same time", then the stake token will be returned to your wallet; if you do not choose to remove liquidity at the same time, crypto assets you staked will be given out to your wallet in the form of LP, and you still need to remove the LP to obtain the original crypto assets. Relatively speaking, it is easier to select to remove liquidity at the same time.

Tip: If you cancel LP within 180 days,a certain amount of service fee will be deducted to community fund. 0.5% service fee will be deducted for stake less than 7 days, 0.4% for stake between 7 to 14 days, ; 0.3% for 14 to 30 days; 0.2% for 30 to 90 days; 0.1% for 90 to 100 days; and no service fee for stake more than 180 days. The stake time star with the first LP stake.

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