खेल का मुख्य इंटरफ़ेसदैनिक कार्यपैकेजसहयोगीसेटिंगयुद्ध लॉग

Players can enter the main interface after logging in to the game. The main interface of DNAxCAT contains buttons and information that players need to use frequently, which can be divided into top, middle and bottom.

The top will display the player's avatar, the BSC address used to log in, and the game information such as energy, quests and function menus.

Shown in the middle is the cat’s castle, which is the starting point of the expedition.

Shown below the middle part is the composition of the player's expedition team.

When there are no cats in the battlefield, they will be displayed with vacant seats. Players can click the corresponding cat plus sign position to select the cat to play. The cat lineup is divided into the front row and the back row, and up to five cats can be played. Click any position to enter the lineup adjustment interface.

At the bottom are the button functions most frequently used by players. From left to right: Allies, packpage, Home,Expedition, Arena. Players can jump to the corresponding interface at any time or return to the home at any time.

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